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Decks & Wood Crafts

Decks, Patios, Pools & Spas

Stay’s Landscape designers and builders, have won awards for their pool areas, decks, patios, and overall transformation of a home. Our team of designers, architects, and artisans oversee all phases of your project from start to finish.

PRIVACY Choose vines or hard materials such as wood or masonry for privacy screens on small properties, and free form hedges only on large properties. Select according to the size of your property.

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Decks n Wood (1).JPG (14047 bytes) Decks n Wood (4).JPG (12407 bytes)
Deck3.JPG (34783 bytes) Decks n Wood (3).JPG (14096 bytes)
Decks n Wood (1).JPG (14047 bytes) Decks n Wood (8).JPG (15637 bytes)
Back Yard Gate.jpg (46427 bytes) Fence with gate & arbor Bridge.jpg (76092 bytes)
Color-15.jpg (43729 bytes) Color-16.jpg (45232 bytes)
Planter.jpg (206886 bytes) Custom made planters Trelis.jpg (37993 bytes) Trellis & planters made from cedar rails.
Color-19.jpg (47198 bytes) decks (2).jpg (43964 bytes)
wood2.jpg (84683 bytes) wood3.jpg (94704 bytes)
decks (4).jpg (47084 bytes) decks (5).jpg (47539 bytes)
privacy1.jpg (130569 bytes) Deck, railing & privacy screen. All built from pressure treated lumber. homeshow2.jpg (252498 bytes)
wood1.jpg (139669 bytes) wood.jpg (183004 bytes)
Deck2.jpg (154525 bytes) Built-in bench, all stained with wood shield cedar stain. privacy deck.jpg (167618 bytes)
Untitled-TrueColor-01_New..JPG (284307 bytes)  
builddeck1.jpg (153277 bytes)  Deck.jpg (130345 bytes)
Pressure treated Deck, stained with cedar semitransparent stain. Built in bench and planter, detailed step and railings. Deck3.jpg (181356 bytes)

Deck Design Work  

Patios of every nature,
Brick entrances and driveways,  
Landscape architectural principles are used for every design.
All installations are supervised by professionals with many years of deck, patio, and landscape experience.
Only the highest quality products are used in any installation.


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*Award winning Landscape Architect, trained behind the Iron Curtain*






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What Garden Style is right for you?


Over 30 Years in Business and still going.

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