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Garden Maintenance Hints


Evergreen, Deciduous Shrubs and Roses

Soil in beds containing any of these plants should be lightly cultivated weekly to a 5 cm. depth. Do not cultivate too deeply as feeder roots may be injured.


Much has been written about mulches and many types are available. Peat moss, Cocoa Bean shells will prevent weed growth and moisture loss.


Evergreen and Deciduous Shrubs

Soil around these shrubs, must at all times be moist. Evergreens especially must have a thorough soaking just prior to "freeze-up". This is particularly important when shrubs grow beneath an overhang. Watering "deep" may only be accomplished by leaving a sprinkler in one location for long periods. (Two hour minimum.) Cedar hedges need a regular supply of moisture. If the fall season is dry, give Cedars additional watering and mulch to provide them with an adequate reserve over the winter.


Trees require deep watering twice each week in hot weather. Spraying the foliage


When watering, apply sufficient moisture to wet the soil to a depth of at least 12 cm. Depending on weather. and soil conditions, the lawn will probably remain moist


Lawns should be "pruned" every five to seven days with a sharp lawnmower.


Lawns: improved Bluegrass lawns such as Park, require at least 3 kg. of Nitrogen per 10 m2 per growing season. The plants will not take all this food at the same time. It is important to feed regularly every month with small quantities, or split the fertilizer applications in order to apply 0.5 kg. of nitrogen per month. To achieve this, start early (once the last trace of snow has disappeared and the ground is fairly dry).


Trees: If tree is standing in lawn or garden, fertilize early spring and in late fall. The best method is to punch 3 cm diameter holes 20 cm deep and 50 cm apart beyond the drip line, and place 1/2 cup of  Food in each hole. Backfill holes with peat or sand and water in. Root Feeders and fertilizer spikes are also handy for feeding of tree roots.

Evergreens: Fertilize in early spring or late fall with Food at 1 cup per square meter of soil surface underneath the plants or use evergreen fertilizer spikes.

Deciduous Shrubs: For problem free shrubs, use  1 / 2 cup per square meter as above.

Hedges: Established  Up to 1 meter in early spring: clean cultivate a strip 30 cm wide on either side or out to the drip line. For trouble free hedges, spread, Shrub and Tree Food in bands 60 cm wide on both sides of the hedge water in well.  



Evergreens may be pruned either in April before growth begins, or in July after new growth is hardened


Rhododendrons in most cases require no pruning as grown in eastern Canada.

As illustrated above, most deciduous shrubs should not be pruned to form round shape.


Various types of pruning are carried out on older trees, including thinning, shaping and "dead-wooding". Generally these operations should be carried out by an expert Dendrologist or Arborist.


Newly planted deciduous hedges such as Maples, Privet, Honeysuckle, Willow below.


Only plants that have grown extremely tall i.e. 1.5 meters should have

Rules of Thumb in Pruning

1. Locate the oldest, thickest and longest branches and cut them to make them shortest.

2. Prune right after blooming

3. It's better to prune late, then not to prune at all.

4. Do not use hedge cutter, use only pruning sheers or garden snipers.   

We have all the equipment needed to do any kind of work.

Pruning (Metro Toronto & Area) Our trained landscape crews are available In late winter and August for pruning fruit trees, evergreens and ornamental trees and shrubs.


Landscape Maintenance & Renovation Service

Your landscape is a living form of art. Follow-up care is a necessity, to successfully protect the beauty, health, value, and functions of your project. Again with the knowledge, skills and proper equipment, our landscaping crews accomplish the responsibility of maintaining your landscape entirety.

Let our landscape and design team help make your landscaping dreams come true, by fulfilling your needs whether it be designing, installation, maintenance, or supplying plant products. Please contact Stray's Landscaping Services Ltd. by e-mail or phone.

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