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Stray’s Garden Center is proud to be an award-winning landscape design and installation company, serving Ontario, Canada since 1970. With our talented designers and professional landscape crews, we have both the creativity and the technical expertise to transform your dreams of a beautiful garden into a reality.

2009 Consumers Choice Retail Award & more
landscape awards (3).JPG (111717 bytes) landscape awards (4).JPG (131711 bytes) landscape awards (8).JPG (127009 bytes)
Award winning Landscape Architect, trained behind the Iron Curtain. Click to read the story.
2003 2003

-          1974 Best design and workmanship in Ontario

-          1975 First price for design in Ontario

-          1975 Second price for workmanship in Ontario  

-          1983 First price in Ontario

-          1983 Second price in North America (USA & Canada)

-          Numerous awards in trade shows (almost every year) 1974-2003


Shown here is Maria Zabehlicky, Landscape Architect (on the right), receiving one of many awards acquired during her many years of experience news.jpg (360075 bytes)
Untitled-TrueColor-01.jpg (91214 bytes)2003 Untitled-TrueColor-06.jpg (121531 bytes)2003
Untitled-TrueColor-10.jpg (87641 bytes)2003 Untitled-TrueColor-07.jpg (117056 bytes)2003
Untitled-TrueColor-02.jpg (99360 bytes)2001 Untitled-TrueColor-03.jpg (69809 bytes)2000



Untitled-TrueColor-05.jpg (80195 bytes)1999 Untitled-TrueColor-04.jpg (64475 bytes)1998
Untitled-TrueColor-09.jpg (116890 bytes)1998 Untitled-TrueColor-08.jpg (170787 bytes)1995


1970s & 80's

awardmaria.jpg (62632 bytes) Awarded for contributions to the Tottenham trade fare bestinCAmc.jpg (143159 bytes) Mc Donald's, Best in Canada
awarded1.jpg (682695 bytes) Awarded 1st place for design. awarded2.jpg (548436 bytes) Awarded 2nd place for construction.


Home Shows
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shows (4).jpg (45905 bytes)  
displayhomeshow.jpg (193800 bytes) shows (3).jpg (50787 bytes)
shows (5).jpg (134232 bytes) homeshow4.jpg (225158 bytes)
homeshow3.jpg (201106 bytes) shows.jpg (146642 bytes)
  homeshow1.jpg (145794 bytes)
homeshow5.jpg (130802 bytes) CIBC.jpg (190571 bytes)

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*Award winning Landscape Architect, trained behind the Iron Curtain*






Good old news doc3.jpg (384553 bytes) About Bonsai


What Garden Style is right for you?


Over 30 Years in Business and still going.

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