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Garden Center


Retail sales of trees, shrubs, and flowers. We also provide landscape materials such as, pine and hardwood mulch, potting and top soils, stone and landscaping material.

The Garden Center is located near Tottenham and carry a wide selection of conifers, flowering trees, hardwoods, and a multitude of shrubs adapted to cold weather growing conditions, for your landscaping needs.


We create, design, install, and sell ponds, waterfalls, fountains, and aquatic plants. 


Our staff with their knowledge and experience can save you time now, and costly replacements later. Special, prearranged groupings of plant material, designed for specific areas of your home landscape are often available at considerable savings. Consult our staff for details.

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Deciduous trees and shrubs sited in the proper location about the property will continue to flourish with very little attention or maintenance, thus making them, dollar for dollar, your best buy.


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*Award winning Landscape Architect, trained behind the Iron Curtain*






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What Garden Style is right for you?


Over 30 Years in Business and still going.

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