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General Landscaping


Reduce the size of lawn areas; they can be expensive to maintain properly. Substitute ground cover plants or wild flowers in semi-shaded areas where grass is difficult to establish.

IMGP1424.JPG (472249 bytes) Before stray's landscaping 2006.JPG (341703 bytes) After
IMGP1541.JPG (606981 bytes) IMGP1540.JPG (462078 bytes)
DSC00312.JPG (453688 bytes) Before DSC00315.JPG (305951 bytes) After
DSC00313.JPG (373262 bytes) Before DSC00316.JPG (458413 bytes) After
DSC00314.JPG (424676 bytes) Before DSC00317.JPG (477084 bytes) After
finnishjob2.jpg (172390 bytes) Flagstone patio, made from Owen Sound flagstone. Click on the photos to get a full view.
justgraded.jpg (151408 bytes) Before finnishjob.jpg (244770 bytes) After 
Large rocks can create a pleasant display. Raised wooden walkway over a stone garden connecting two patios.
GeneralLandscaping.JPG (14871 bytes) GeneralLandscaping (2).JPG (18689 bytes)
GeneralLandscaping (1).JPG (14606 bytes) GeneralLandscaping (3).JPG (14632 bytes)
stonework and gardens (1).jpg (214980 bytes) stonework and gardens (2).jpg (216925 bytes)
stonework and gardens (3).jpg (138013 bytes) stonework and gardens (4).jpg (70546 bytes)
stonework and gardens (5).JPG (27504 bytes) stonework and gardens (6).jpg (56417 bytes)
Walkwy.jpg (148551 bytes) Rockery Steps  
Steps from natural stone & Flag stone walkway. Waterfall with pleasant gardens & walkway around swimming pool.
Untitled-TrueColor-14.jpg (58671 bytes) Raised patio formed with 6x6 pres. tr. lumber & built-in planters. dubldeckwalkwy.jpg (192604 bytes) Wooden Bridge, connecting two patios.
Gates, Pillars and fall colors in the garden. frontsteps.JPG (10340 bytes) Steps from wall system Pisa 1 with built-in planters.
gardens.jpg (66828 bytes)
gardens (2).jpg (187014 bytes)
gardens (3).jpg (128883 bytes) garden.JPG (24635 bytes)
gardens (1).jpg (76253 bytes) garden (1).JPG (30263 bytes)
Click on the photos to get a full view. gardens (4).jpg (143754 bytes)


Garden Planning

There are many Important points to consider when planning a garden or any Landscaping. Before making any decisions about the type of garden you want, ask yourself the following Questions. Your answers will help create a garden that will give pleasure for seasons to come.

Who will be using the garden?

What are your family needs? Will children play in the garden? Do you want to create a separate play area?

Will you entertain in the garden? Is a barbecue necessary? Should there be a spot for dining? A patio?

Do you want fruit, vegetables or herbs from your garden? Will you want easy access from the kitchen?

Is your garden to be a source of cut flowers? Perhaps a separate cutting garden would be a good idea?

Is fragrance important to you?

How much privacy do you want?

Will the garden be the center of sports year-round? Would a swimming pool, basketball hoop, tennis court or skating area be useful? 

How much time do you want to devote to maintenance?

Much time, effort and confusion can be saved by intelligently planning your garden and
deciding what your needs are before planting. For professional help, call a professional.
Call us, we have the experience to achieve the garden of your dreams.

Formal gardens


Items such as rock gardens, rose gardens and
perennial beds can be defined and prepared the
second year for planting the following spring. Be
positive ... why plant a rose bush when, if you plan, you
can have a whole rose garden.

Statues or other stone or concrete structures give your garden a formal look.

Click on the photos to get a full view.

  Formal.jpg (186772 bytes)

94.jpg (113195 bytes)

947.jpg (94545 bytes)

9476.jpg (121748 bytes)

rockery2.jpg (118449 bytes)

You do not need to have a Formal garden  all the way. Small scale of formal garden in front of your house, by the gazebo or other places with delicate transformation to free form gardening, gives you an elegant and stunning look.

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*Award winning Landscape Architect, trained behind the Iron Curtain*






Good old news doc3.jpg (384553 bytes) About Bonsai


What Garden Style is right for you?


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