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How to choose right Landscape Contractor or Design?

As you drive through subdivisions you see places being landscaped by professionals. Now comes the question. Are those Landscapers truly professionals?

There is a problem is in the industry. Some guy, buys or leases himself a truck, decides to cut grass for customers, than pays the membership fee to Landscape Ontario, gets stickers for his truck and suddenly he is a professional. Be aware of such fly by night “Landscapers”. Usually when something turns wrong, you never see them again, or they do repairs, just to make you happy but it is not really repaired well. Usually it is just quick fix. Next year you have bigger problem and “Landscaper” is long gone, or too bad, guarantee is over. Isn’t that a heart braking? You paid for it and now you have to pay again to have it repaired or removed.

Landscaping is an investment; it is wise to check carefully how you invest your money and what will be final appearance.

Good landscaping with tasteful design does upgrade your house. You may invest  $ 7 000.00 and your house will gain in resale value $ 12- 15 000.00 or more. $ 20 000.00 investment can upgrade value $ 30 000.00-50 000.00 or more. Poor or unsuitable design for your type of house can degrade value of your house. You can ask for financing at the Bank or your chosen Landscaping Company may have a payment plan available.

How to protect your self?  Best thing is, get informed, look through books and magazines, and see your neighborhood. Always choose landscaping company if owner or operator can show you his own place. At the same time you will see from where he is operating his business (or quality of work) and in case something turns wrong you know where to find him. Also that he is not operating his business from his truck and mobile phone only. Check with Chamber of Commerce in the area, how long he is a member and in business. Speak with his previous customers from last year and many years before. If you find everything satisfactory, you are on the right track.

Do you have right design for your house? I mentioned previously – get informed! Here are a few tips on what to watch for, or what could go wrong in the design. Reject any contractor who comes with these types of ideas. Most common mistake is over planting. Students, who work for garden centers, usually do such design in order to sell more plants to you and design is very cheep. You get what you pay for. You would like some stones in your garden? Oh yes, they are nice and give your house a special look. If you get stones for front of your house any smaller than 2’ you are just degrading your house. Size of stones should be in scale with your house. Style and color of the stones is important. Stones are creations of nature so they have to be arranged in the form of nature. Never place the stones in the row. This is a very bad mistake. If you do not want big rockery, stones could be arranged in groups 3pc + 1pc or 5ps + 3pc + 1pc. Never place the stone, plant, stone, and plant and so on. If you want rockery, never use main stones smaller than 2’. If you do, you will never stop weeding and plants will soon cover your mini-stones with weeds nicely crawled over. Trees can be used as screen for privacy or wind protection. Never plant trees in the row, unless you want to create alley of the trees by your driveway and than choose only suitable for this purpose, which are Maples, Lindens, Honey Locusts, Ash and other deciduous and stately shaped trees, never Birch, Aspen, Spruce, Pine, Fir …these trees can be planted in groups for privacy and beauty. Just look around and you will be able to recognize some mistakes already, if it is your garden, it can be reorganized and improved easily. 

Shrubs are very decorative articles in the garden. Do not plant sampler patch. It looks messy. Use some plants as uniform basics and add some others for contrast. For good arrangement it needs to have a gift and talent to accomplish elegant look. You specially need to be choosier for the front yard. Entrance should be inviting and interesting, elegant and suitable for your house.. Waterfalls are in demand and for the right reason; sound of water in the garden is very relaxing. To build a nice looking waterfall, is an art, choose the experienced artist. Solid foundation and right sound of water is important. If you want a waterfall, it should look as natural as possible, unless you want just sound of water and architectural or sophisticated look, made of

This is just brief sample of helpful information to consider, before you make your investment. If you need some more information or you need help with your gardening needs, please call us.

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