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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls: 

Retaining walls are the one aspect of landscaping that truly serves a purpose.  Most walls are constructed to retain some form of a slope or structure.  Walls are usually installed to provide a larger "usable land" area.  In the past, natural fieldstones, railroad ties and solid concrete walls were the only choices available to landscape contractors. Recently, concrete modular retaining wall systems have revolutionized the industry.

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stonework and gardens (8).jpg (224641 bytes) in the works stonework and gardens.jpg (218452 bytes) done
Planters, Steps, Patio & Retaining wall made with BradStone. Steps with built in planters made with Pisa 1
11retwall.jpg (218835 bytes) 11rockery.jpg (124241 bytes)
Complete Retaining wall Made with Pisa 1 Pisa 1
11rockery1.jpg (102905 bytes)  
Decks n Wood (6).JPG (15892 bytes) fireplace.jpg (89208 bytes)
11stonewalksteps.jpg (84519 bytes)  
Round Retaining wall made with Pisa 2 Bricks1.jpg (147334 bytes)

The diagram to the left illustrates the correct installation procedures and materials needed for any retaining wall.  Only the actual wall material differs. A level base and a perfectly level first row of wall stone are essential if the wall is to be built correctly.  In most cases drainage piping will be necessary to avoid long term water damage.  

Excessive amount of water and frozen water is major factor, what damages the wall structures.

Stray's Landscaping Services Ltd. installs all forms of retaining walls.  Today there is a wide selection of wall materials to choose from.  It really depends on the application.  Stonewalls are very popular in landscapes.  Fieldstone, bluestone, and flagstone walls are good examples.  Railroad tie walls are very functional, easy and affordable but you will probably have to replace them in twenty years or so.

Pre-formed concrete wall systems have become very popular.  The manufacturers of these walls are now producing many different styles and colors to choose from.  The newest wall stone blocks simulate natural stone.  These systems have two important benefits.  They are both strong and long lasting.

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