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Welcome to Stray's Landscape Services Ltd.

2009 Consumers Choice Retail Award & more

Stray's Landscape Services Ltd. can help you!

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Whether it is a complete landscaping job, garden supplies or a new planting scheme for your flowerbeds or patio, pruning or   freshening up your existing garden, we are specialist in our field and take pride in our work. Our landscaping is original. We can create something really special for you to suit your taste and personality. Landscaping is not just a matter of planting trees and shrubs here and there. It is careful designing in proper style.

Your own creative ideas, with professional advice will turn your garden into a relaxing outside living area…This makes a place where you have maximized total property potential.

We also have available heavy equipment with which to plant bigger trees and complete larger landscaping projects, i.e. apartment buildings, school yards, playgrounds, factories.

Artistry & Expertise

Stray’s services include: 

Sunflower BulletCustom landscape design and installation with only the highest quality nursery stock.
Sunflower BulletWater garden, pond and waterfall installation
Sunflower BulletNight lighting
Sunflower BulletComplete brick, stone and timber work, including patios, walks, walls and terraces
Sunflower BulletComplete landscape renovation
Sunflower BulletMulching, edging and fertilizing
Sunflower BulletTree transplanting up to 6" diameter trees
Sunflower BulletAnd much, much more!

Benefits of Landscaping

Sunflower BulletLandscaping can increase the value of your home by 15% or more!
Sunflower BulletExperts estimate that 100% to 200% of your landscaping costs can be recovered if and when you sell your home!
Sunflower BulletStudies show that carefully positioned trees can save up to 25% of a household's energy consumption for heating and cooling

Due to admirable taste and professional outlook, the company has flourished. The landscaping personnel take great pride in their work. Many projects have been completed and are a source of pride for Company as well as for the client. Since 1974 our work has been Awarded many times for design and professional workmanship.

If you have any gardening requirements, please do not hesitate to call us.

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*Award winning Landscape Architect, trained behind the Iron Curtain*






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What Garden Style is right for you?


Over 30 Years in Business and still going.

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