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Water Falls

Stray's Landscaping Services Ltd. is the home of award winning water gardens. With over 30 years of experience in building all kinds of water features, we have the knowledge and expertise to create any water feature that you may desire.

Staffed with water garden experts who can answer almost any question that you may have, concerning any aspect of water gardening. 

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stray's landscaping 2006 (3).JPG (519052 bytes) IMGP1543.JPG (618599 bytes)
stray's landscaping 2006 (2).JPG (507452 bytes) IMGP1546.JPG (665258 bytes)
water.JPG (349232 bytes) water (2).JPG (254789 bytes)
PictureCzech 2006, Panama 2007 007.JPG (491759 bytes) water (1).JPG (179825 bytes)
Waterfalls.jpg (135007 bytes) Small waterfall deep enough to have fish over winter. Watergarden1.jpg (226911 bytes) Full grown plants & well established small waterfall.
Untitled-TrueColor-24.jpg (136248 bytes) Indoor Waterfall from Kingston Hue Stone. Untitled-TrueColor-22.jpg (132555 bytes) 4' High waterfall from Kingston Hue.
Detail of 8' high WaterFall 6' High WaterFall
Untitled-TrueColor-23.jpg (170885 bytes) 6' High Water fall Untitled-TrueColor-17.jpg (157671 bytes) 3' High waterfall from Rustic Limestone.
bridge over water.jpg (290583 bytes) Bridge over water Pool Falls.jpg (60125 bytes) circulation of water from pool.
falls.jpg (142863 bytes) falls (9).jpg (163159 bytes)
Small water fall, all plants well established.  Simple solution to grow your water plants
falls (8).jpg (196777 bytes) falls (7).jpg (66454 bytes) Shower Waterfall Under construction
shower.jpg (47320 bytes)Shower Waterfall shower (1).jpg (55414 bytes)Shower Waterfall
shower (2).jpg (51534 bytes)Shower Waterfall  
falls (2).jpg (69607 bytes) falls (10).jpg (107678 bytes)
falls (6).jpg (65113 bytes) falls (5).jpg (45949 bytes)
Watergarden.jpg (179472 bytes) Water garden. 6' Water fall 5 years later.
falls (4).jpg (144434 bytes) falls (3).jpg (127401 bytes)
poolfalls1.jpg (85317 bytes) Water fall from existing field stones. smallfalls.jpg (170477 bytes) Small Falls built for display
falls (1).jpg (61322 bytes)  
5' Water Fall  


Water Plants

It is hard to beat the beauty of a lotus in full flower, the speckling of color on the surface of the pond provided by a water lily, or the graceful sway of a papyrus. Aquatic plants add so much color and texture to the garden. Also, they play a vital role in the health of the pond.

Most water plants need a minimum of 4 hours of good sunlight per day to grow and bloom. So, when planning your water garden, or if you want to add more plants to your existing pond, keep this in mind. We generally divide water plants into three categories based on the function the plant serves in the pond. These categories are:

  1. Plants that provide shade to the pond
  2. Plants that provide oxygen to the pond
  3. Plants that are used for their ornamental value in the pond 

Ponds that receive a half-day or more of sunlight need to have approximately 50% of the pond surface shaded by foliage. This is the best achieved by using plants that have foliage that float on the surface of the water. These plants include:

  1. Hardy water lilies
  2. Tropical water lilies
  3. Water hyacinths
  4. Water lettuce
  5. Lotus 

Providing oxygen to the water is another extremely important role, plants play in the pond. Underwater grasses do an excellent job at this, and they also help remove the food source of the algae that can cloud the pond. These underwater grasses are the most important plants in the pond. These plants include:

  1. Anacharis
  2. Hortwort

Bog plants, often called marginal plants, are plants that can live in a pond at shallow depths or can even be grown in a consistently wet area of the yard. These plants are typically added to the pond for their ornamental value by providing either a vertical element of flowers or foliage. These plants include:


Hardy Bog Plants
Parrot's Feather
Tropical Bog Plants
Umbrella Grass
And Much More  


Enjoy the peace and tranquility that water gardening can bring to your domain. Imagine sitting by your pond listening to the sound of water playing over the rocks of a waterfall, and watching the graceful form of fish just under the surface. With our expert designing and installation team a pond/water garden could indeed be in your immediate future


There is something mesmerizing about watching fish as they swim and dart about the pond. Not only do they add color and movement to your pond, but they serve a necessary function in the pond's ecosystem. Besides helping with the water quality cycle, fish will eliminate any chance of mosquitoes infesting in your pond. All that most fish need to survive is clean water, a food source, and a pond that is at least 3' deep to protect them in the winter.

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